Name: Alicia Delia Ripperson (Alice D. Ripper for short)

Age: 15

Gender: female

Race: Werewolf

Date of Birth: October 31

Bloodtype: O- & AB+ (Perfectly Savory)

Eyes: Sapphire Blue 

Hair: Sunset Orange

Likes: Singing, Dancing, Playing the Piano, and Telling/Reading/Writing Stories

Dislikes: Cooking and Studying

Personality:Short-tempered, Clever, and Artistic.

Siblings: little brother Jack, adoptive older brother Yuki and younger adoptive sister Yumi

Relatives: Richter (adoptive father), Emily (birthmother), Oliver (birthfather) 

Hometown: Wonder

Friends: Yumi, Adele, and Yui

Boss: Sakamaki Brothers

Sound bites: 

To the Sakamaki Brothers

to Kanato (about Teddy) "I'm gonna fuck that bear then I'll rip her in two!"

to Shu (not listening to her) "Fine, your earbud wires taste delicious by the way"

to Laito(real bitch-chan)"I'm a real deal bitch-chan, floppy ears and waggity tail!"

to Ayato(kitchen tendency)"OUT OF MY KITCHEN GINGER SNAP FUCK!"

to Subaru(biting her)"If your hungry you can bite me, I don't mind. Just be warned I bite back"

to Reiji(her job) "Yes Sir! I'm on it!"

Bio: Alice is an adoptive cousin to the Sakamaki Brothers. This knowledge is only known however to Alice, her twin brother Jack, their parents Richter and Emily and her cousin Reiji. She is currently working in the Sakamaki household as the Headmaid and personal servant to the Triplets. She is also the substitute bride known as the Lilith being a much darker and powerful version of Eve.  Alice has a deeply-rooted affection and admiration for Reiji stemming from childhood. Alice is to ascend to the Lycan throne when she turns 16 and is being courted by Karlheinz who wishes to make Alice his fourth wife.