Chou Fujiwara is the aunt of Minoru and Eri Fujiwara and the sister-in-law of Chie Fujiwara.

Appearance Edit

Chou is a beautiful woman with brown hair and matching brown eyes. She is average height with a slender body and fair skin.

Personality Edit

Chou is kind and friendly woman who cares deeply about her family. As a aunt, she is a warm and caring person towards her nephew and niece.

History Edit

Chou was born and raised in the Fujiwara family. She was born as the younger sister of the Head of the Fujiwara family. Chou, eventually, became the aunt of Minoru and Eri Fujiwara.

Relationships Edit

Chie Fujiwara Edit

Cho shares a good relationship with her sister-in-law. They both care about Minoru and Eri very much.

Minoru Fujiwara Edit

Minoru is Chou's nephew. She loves her nephew very much.

Eri Fujiwara Edit

Eri is Chou's niece. She cares about her niece very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Chou's name means "Butterfly".
  • She helped raised her nephew and niece.
  • She seems to close to the Fujiwara siblings.
  • Chou is the first human woman to be seen in the series.
  • Chou is the younger sister of the Head of the Fujiwara household.