Oh right how rude of me. I am your auntie...

- Coraline to Ayato Sakamaki.

Coraline (コーラン Kōran) is a half-First Blood and half-Vibora hybrid and the sister of Cordelia. Coraline is the only sibling of Cordelia that comes from the same mother. She is married to Ritcher. Her home is a lonely tower with enough rooms for at least 3 people. After she meets her with her nephews, she instantly becomes a motherly figure to them.


Coraline is described as a beauty that resembles her big sister, Cordelia, in a far more pure and angelic way. Her skin color is fair. A hourglass figure, avarege height, golden eyes, purple hair with golden tips and 6 inches cup size(E cup)

She wears a dark blue and black dress, tightened with dark bluish and silverish straps in a zig zagg pattern on her arms and torso. She also has a dark colored leash wrapped around her neck.