Detlef Hermann is the Head of the Hermann Household and the father of Adalinda and Anicho Hermann and the lover of Emlin.

Appearance Edit

Detlef has blonde hair and and purple eyes. He is a handsome man with a tall and slender figure with pale skin.

Personality Edit

Detlef's personality remains unknown but he does seem to care about his lover Emlin and daughter Adalinda very much.

History Edit

Detlef took on the responsibility of the Head of his family, the noble Hermanns. At some point in his life, Detlef married a witch from another noble family and had a son with her. One day, a maid caught his attention. Although, she was a maid and a vampire, she was beautiful and kind. Detlef learned that her name was Emlin. They both fell in love with each other and soon had an affair behind his wife's back. Eventually, Emlin became pregnant with his baby. She left for reasons unknown.

However, for unknown reasons, Detlef wasn't there for must of his daguhter's childhood. Eventually, he came back for Adalinda. It's unknown why but Emlin sent their daughter to live with him from now.

Relationships Edit

Emlin Edit

Emlin was Detlef's lover and the mother of his daughter. The two were very much in love with each other.

Anicho Hermann Edit

Detlef's relationship with his son is unknown.

Adalinda Hermann Edit

Adainda is Detlef's daughter. He seems to love her very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Detlef's name means "People, heritage, and people's heritage".
  • It's unknown why Detlef lefted Emlin and Adalinda.