Grandma Okada is the unnamed grandmother of Fumio Okada and is the matriarch of the Okada Household.

Appearance Edit

Grandma Okada is an elderly woman with grey hair and baby blue eyes. She is short and has pale skin with wrinkles on her cheeks.

Personality Edit

Grandma Okada is very kind and sweet towards people. She is shown to be very talented her knitting and takes pride in her work.

History Edit

Grandma Okada became the matriarch of the Okada Household and became the grandmother of Fumio Okada.

Relationships Edit

Fumio Okada Edit

Fumio is Grandma Okaka's grandson. She loves him very much and supports him greatly.

Trivia Edit

  • Grandma Okada is the only grandparent to be shown to be alive and in her grandchild's life.