Grandpa Chevalier is the unnamed grandfather of Bernadette Chevalier and a retired demon hunter.

Appearance Edit

Grandpa Chevalier is an elderly man with grey hair and brown eyes. He is average height and pale skin with wrinkles under his eyes. In his youth, he had brown hair and fairer skin. He was also very handsome in his younger years.

He usually wears a white button shirt and and a black overalls along with dark brown boots and a grey hat that has a black line around it.

Personality Edit

Grandpa Chevalier appears as a kind and reasonable man. He shows to be very caring towards his granddaughter. Grandpa Chevalier also takes pride in his farm very much. He appears to be talented at storytelling, which is shown when he told Bernadette since she was a child. However, since he was hunter in his youth, Grandpa Chevalier shows to be prejudiced towards demons. He often calls them the children of "the Devil". While Grandpa Chevalier shows to be annoyed by the stereotypes of demons, he does believe that they're incapable of love and understanding.

Like his granddaughter, Grandpa Chevalier is a strong believer of family, which he often says that family must comes first. Because of his old age, he is often longing for adventures like in his early days of demon hunting.

History Edit

Grandpa Chevalier was a well known demon hunter in his youth. During his career, he traveled the world and met many faces. Both of friends and foes. Due to his family being a long line of demon hunters, Grandpa Chevalier was aware that he was often being targeted by other demons. He was presented as the Inoue family were passing the Head of their family to the next successor.

Relationships Edit

Bernadette Chevalier Edit

Grandpa Chevalier loves his granddaughter very much. He used to tell Bernadette stories about demon hunters that protected the human race from demons.

Abilities Edit

Because Grandpa Chevalier was hunter in his youth, he was strong.

Trivia Edit

  • Grandpa Chevalier may be the patriarch of his family.