Isamu Inoue is the second son and third child of the Inoue household. Isamu is the 18-year old son of Hotoke Inoue and Harumi Inoue. He is the younger brother of Ryuu and Tora and the older brother of Fumiko, Ayumu, and Nanami. He is also the older half brother of Yui Komori. He is the second nephew of the late Ichiro Inoue and the second grandson of the two previous heads of the Inoue Household.

Appearance Edit

Isamu is very handsome and has short light blonde hair from his father and blue eyes from mother. He is average height with a slender body and has fair skin.

He wears a a plain white button shirt and black pants. He also wears black shoes.

Personality Edit

Isamu is very much of a lady's man. While many people may think that he is just a rich playboy, Isamu shows to be smarter than he looks and has a great deal of being curious towards things that he found interest.

History Edit

Isamu was born in the Inoue household as the second son and third child.

Relationships Edit

Hotoke Inoue Edit

Hotoke is Isamu's father. Isamu isn't close to his father because of being neglected by latter his whole life. Isamu doesn't like his father's womanizer ways.

Harumi Inoue Edit

Harmui is Isamu's mother. Isamu loves his mother very much and enjoys spending time with her. He often ask her for advice on how to win over women.

Ryuu Inoue Edit

Ryuu is Isamu's eldest brother.

Tora Inoue Edit

Tora is Isamu's older sister.

Fumiko Inoue Edit

Fumiko is Isamu's younger sister.

Ayumu Inoue Edit

Ayumu is Isamu's younger brother.

Nanami Inoue Edit

Nanami is Isamu's youngest sister.

Yui Komori Edit

Yui is Isamu's illegitimate younger half sister. They have different mothers but share the same father.

Trivia Edit

  • Isamu's name means "Courage or bravery".