Kunio Hayashi is a member of the Student Body Council of Ryotei Gakuen High School Academy and along with the Heroine Yui Komori keeps the school in check.

Appearance Edit

Kunio has short orange hair and green eyes. He is average height (although, he shown to be a bit smaller than Yui) with fair skin and a petite body.

In his school uniform, he wears a red jacket with a white button undershirt and a black tie. He also wears black pants and white shoes.

Personality Edit

As a member of the Student Body Council, Kunio is very serious and mature almost all the time. According to the other students, Kunio is a control freak around other people. He is extremely intelligent which is shown when he is planning events for the school.

History Edit

Kunio was born in a wealthy family in the countryside and was tutored by private tutors.

Relationships Edit

Yui Komori Edit

Kunio works closely with Yui after the latter won at being the Student Body President.

Trivia Edit

  • Kunio's name means "Countryman".
  • His last name also means forest.
  • He is unaware that the boys are demons.