Lady Hisakawa was the mother of Sen and Satoshi Hisakawa and the wife of Lord Hisakawa.

Appearance Edit

Lady Hisakawa has a strong resemblance of her daughter. She has long straight black hair that reaches to her chest and black eyes. She is average height with pale skin.

She is seen wearing a beautiful kimono that to show off her high social status.

Personality Edit

Lady Hisakawa is very traditional with rules. As a woman of her time, Lady Hisakawa have favored her son. As a wife of a nobleman, she is very faithful towards her husband.

History Edit

Lady Hisakawa lived many centuries ago. At some point, she became the wife of Lord Hisakawa and the Lady of the Hisakawa Household. After she give birth to her daughter Sen, Lady Hisakawa was disappointed that she give birth to a girl and not a son.

Relationships Edit

Lord Hisakawa Edit

Lord Hisakawa was Lady Hisakawa's husband and the father of her children.

Satoshi Hisakawa Edit

Satoshi was Lady Hisakawa's son and favorite child.

Sen Hisakawa Edit

Sen was Lady Hisakawa's daughter.

Trivia Edit

  • Lady Hisakawa favored her son over her daughter. Which kind of justify her actions giving the time period she and her family lived.