Lord Hisakawa was the father of Sen and Satoshi Hisakawa and the husband of Lady Hisakawa. He was also the head of the Hisakawa family.

Appearance Edit

Lord Hisakawa has black hair that is usually seen in a ponytail and brown eyes. He is an average height man with pale skin.

He is seen wearing a japanes kimono.

Personality Edit

Lord Hisakawa is seen as a strong and reasonable authority figure among his village. He is a very kind and generous man. Lord Hisakawa is very loving father towards his children. He is also very intelligent.

History Edit

Lord Hisakawa was born years ago. At some point, he married a woman and together they became the Lord and Lady of the Hisakawa Household. When his first child was born, Lord Hisakawa was happy despite the fact that he was supposed to have son as a heir.

Relationships Edit

Sen Hisakawa Edit

Sen was Lord Hisakawa's daughter and was very close to her. Lord Hisakawa favored his older daughter than his younger son.

Lady Hisakawa Edit

Lady Hisakawa was Lord Hisakawa's wife. Lord Hisakawa appeared to treated her kindly.

Satoshi Hisakawa Edit

Satoshi was Lord Hisakawa's son and heir.

Trivia Edit

  • Lord Hisakawa appeared to have showed more love to his daughter than his son. Which was considered to be odd during his time.