Margaret is the Succubus Queen the sister of Frieda and the aunt of Ran Kuroba.

Appearance Edit

Margaret is a very beautiful woman with long wavy black hair and black eyes. She has beautiful pale skin with red lips and is average height.

She wears a long red dress and red gloves that reaches to her upper arms.

Personality Edit

Margaret is very seduces and manipulative. As the Queen of the Succubuses, she is lustful and takes pleasure in sexual encounters but has a love for blood battles. She is very sadistic and cruel. Despite being a queen, Margaret doesn't seem to take her title seriously. She shows not to have any love for family. Margaret is very jealous of anyone who is more beautiful than she is. She shows to have tempered when she doesn't get what she wants. Margaret also has fashion sense and wears the finest clothes fit for a queen.

History Edit

Margaret was crown Queen of the Succubuses and took responsibility of her people. At some point, Margaret gave her own sister Frieda to the Changeling King as a mistress. This lead to the birth of her niece Ran.

Relationships Edit

Frieda Edit

Margaret had a younger sister, it's unknown what their relationship was like. Although, it's likely that they won't close because of Margaret having no problem sending her sister away to be a mistress of man.

Ran Kuroba Edit

Ran is Margaret's niece. Their relationship remains unknown but it's clear that Margaret doesn't care about her niece.

Arthur Edit

Margaret's relationship with the Changeling King Arthur is unknown. Other than the fact that he is the lover of her sister and the uncle of her niece.

Abilities Edit

As the Queen of the Succubuses, Margaret is very powerful and dangerous.

Trivia Edit

  • Margaret's name means "Pearl".
  • Margaret is the only demon ruler that is a queen.
  • She is the third adult in the series to have a sibling.