Mina Hanazawa was a poor girl living with her grandmother at the farm house. She barely has no friends from her old high school and she gets bullied a lot. But then, she met Subaru and her life start to change. She was now forced to live with the Sakamaki mansion and go to vampire high school by Reiji in order to continue her relationship with Subaru.


Mina has long blonde hair with bangs. She had Light Blue eyes.  


Mina is timid and shy girl based on how she gets bullied in her own school. Even though she is shy and timid, she knows how to speak her mind and she's very kind and caring to the people she loves.  



Mina met Subaru in the forest. When she first saw him, she she was shy around him at first, but once they spoke to eachother, they started having feelings for eachother.