Mr. Narisawa was the father of Mika Narisawa and Jun Narisawa and the husband of Mrs. Narisawa

Appearance Edit

Mr. Narisawa had a strong resemblance of his son. Like his son, he was a handsome man with short messy black hair and warm round grey eyes. He was very tall with fair skin and a slender and well built body. He also had a round face with bangs covering most of his ears along with a thick black beard covering most of his chin.

Personality Edit

Mr. Narisawa was loving and supportive father to his children. He was a kind and faithful husband towards his wife. He was also a brave and selfless man who was protective of his family. Mr. Narisawa was known to have been a very passionate person that took pride in his shop. In his daughter's flashbacks, he was very well liked man who respected everyone around him and was extremely friendly towards people who were close friends with his family.

History Edit

Mr. Narisawa lived happily with his family. He worked hard in his shop and went on trips with his family often.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed wife Edit

Mr. Narisawa loved his wife very much.

Jun Narisawa Edit

Mr. Narisawa cared about his son very much.

Mika Narisawa Edit

Mr. Narisawa doted on his daughter very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Narisawa was the first member to be killed.
  • It's unknown what he sold in his shop.
  • It's currently unknown what happened to his shop after he was killed by the kappas.