Mrs. Inoue was the previous Lady of the Inoue Household and the wife of Mr. Inoue and the mother of Ichiro and Hotoke and the grandmother of the Inoue siblings Ryuu, Tora, Isamu, Fumiko, Ayumu, and Nanami and the biological grandmother of Yui Komori.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Inoue had a strong resemblance of her eldest son. She had black hair and green eyes.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Inoue was a very tried woman that kept her from bonding with her children. According to her youngest son, Mrs. Inoue was depressed woman who needed help.

History Edit

Mrs. Inoue became the wife of the Head of the Inoue family. The two had two children whom were named Ichiro and Hotoke.

Relationships Edit

Mr. Inoue Edit

Mr. Inoue was Mrs's inoue's husband.

Ichiro Inoue Edit

Ichiro was Mrs. Inoue's eldest son.

Hotoke Inoue Edit

Hotoke was Mrs. Inoue's youngest son.

Trivia Edit

  • Mrs. Inoue the second oldest human in the series.
  • She is two years younger than her husband.