Mrs. Narisawa was the mother of Mika Narisawa and Jun Narisawa and the wife of Mr. Narisawa.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Narisawa had a strong resemblance of her daughter, minus the glasses. Like her daughter, she was a beautiful woman with long curly black hair that reached to her collarbone and warm round black eyes. She was average height with fair skin and a slender body. She also had a round face with bangs covering most of her forehead that passed her eyebrows with beautiful eyelashes that are long and curly.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Narisawa appeared as a warm and loving mother. She showed to have been a faithful and devoted wife to her hushband. She showed to have been selfless and protective of her family. Mrs. Narisawa was also a woman who enjoyed her simple life with her family. She appeared to have been a deeply religious woman who faithful followed God. It appeared that Mrs. Narisawa didn't believed in Japanese folklore. Unfortunately for her and her family, that got her and her husband and son eaten by kappas in the first place.

History Edit

Mrs. Narisawa lived peacefully with her family and enjoyed time with her family.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed husband Edit

Mrs. Narisawa had a loving and open marriage with her husband.

Jun Narisawa Edit

Mrs. Narisawa was very loving towards her son.

Mika Narisawa Edit

Mrs. Narisawa loved her daughter very much.

Trivia Edit

  • Mrs. Narisawa was the second member to be killed.