Satoshi Hisakawa was the younger brother of Sen Hisakawa and the son and heir of Lord and Lady Hisakawa.

Appearance Edit

Satoshi has black hair and and brown eyes. He is a small boy with fair skin.

He usually wears traditionally japanese clothes.

Personality Edit

Satoshi is a very shy and timid young boy. He usually described by the other children as a scary cat. Because of this, Satoshi is very socially awkward around people. However, Satoshi is also very childish when in the present of his family.

History Edit

Satoshi was born to Lord and Lady Hisakawa and was the younger brother Sen Hisakawa. Because he was born as a boy, his mother groomed him as the family heir.

Relationships Edit

Sen Hisakawa Edit

Sen was Satoshi's older sister. Despite the fact that the two were favored by each of their parents. Satoshi loved his sister very much.

Lord Hisakawa Edit

Lord Hisakawa was Satoshi's father.

Lady Hisakawa Edit

Lady Hisakawa was Satoshi's mother.

Trivia Edit

  • Satoshi's name means "Clear thinking, quick witted, and wise".