Shiki Hanahaki (花吐き 詩希 Hanahaki Shiki) is a bride of the Sakamaki family and a student at Ryōtei Academy. He is also the son of Riku Shimiya, and the vessel of the Reaper King Zera Shimiya.

Appearance Edit

Shiki is a youthful boy with fiery red hair reaching his mid-neck and light blue eyes. His hair is rather messy, and some parts of it falls in his face. He always wears round, thin-rimmed glasses, although it's unknown if he actually needs them to see.

His school uniform consists of a black and white short-sleeved blazer, white dress shirt, black ribbon tie, blue sweater, black and white skirt reaching his mid-thighs, knee-length loose white socks, and black dress shoes.

When not in school, he wears a variety of outfits, mostly consisting of pastels and giving off a '90s aesthetic vibe. His default outfit consists of a pink and teal short-sleeved t-shirt, a pair of jeans reaching his shins, white ankle-length socks, and white and grey tennis shoes.

Another outfit consists of a white buttoned dress shirt with a peach-colored sweater over it, dark tan slacks, white ankle-length socks, and medium brown dress shoes. This is usually worn when meeting guests or on certain outings in the city.

The outfit he wears most when resting at home consists of a grey and purple pullover hoodie, shin-length black leggings, shin-length white socks, and pink short boots.

His other most common outfit consists of a jean jacket, khaki t-shirt, black skinny jeans, white ankle-length socks, white and black tennis shoes, and black choker.