Taiki Mori is the cousin of Ken Mori, the older brother of Hana Mori, and the nephew of Nobuo Mori. Like his cousin and uncle, Taiki is also a demon hunter.

Appearance Edit

Taiki is a handsome young man with short messy dark brown hair and round golden brown eyes. He is tall with a slender and well built body with fair skin. He's also thin with a round face along with bangs that are split between the middle which shows his forehead and thick eyebrows.

He wears a purple skirt and creamy pants. He also wears black and white sneakers and has grey watch on left wrist.

Personality Edit

Taiki is very teasing towards people, especially towards his cousin and sister. He enjoys making jokes but knows when a prank can go to far. Taiki loves his remaining family very much and will do anything to protect them. Despite joking around, Taiki can be extremely serious about the battles between humans and demons. Like his fellow humans, Taiki is very prejudiced towards demons. He can be very intelligent and clever despite being known to be goofy.

History Edit

Taiki and his younger sister Hana lived with their parents and were happy with them. Taiki took interest in his family's history of demon hunting. He soon wanted to be a demon hunter as well to follow his family's tradition. Taiki soon learned that his cousin Ken befriended a rich girl named Fumiko Inoue. Although, Taiki didn't told anyone about the secret relationship, he did tease Ken endlessly about his friendship with Fumiko.

However, Taiki and his sister both lost their mother and father in a car accident. Taiki felt that he needed to take care of his sister but knew he didn't need to be serious all the time. Their uncle Nobuo soon took them both in.

Relationships Edit

Hana Mori Edit

Hana is Taiki's younger sister. Taiki deeply loves his younger sister very much and is very protective of her. Taiki often worries about her future due to the fact that the war between humans and demons.

Ken Mori Edit

Ken is Taiki's cousin. Taiki knew about the relationship between Ken and Fumiko. Taiki seems to enjoy teasing him for this. However, Taiki doesn't take this far.

Nobuo Mori Edit

Taiki shows to closed to his uncle and respected him greatly.

Abilities Edit

As a demon hunter, Taiki is a skilled hunter.

Gun shooting Edit

Taiki is skilled at shooting silver bullets.

Trivia Edit

  • Taiki's name means "Big, great, brightness, and tree".
  • Taiki is one of the few people who knows about the childhood friendship between Ken and Fumiko Inoue.
  • It's revealed that his parents died from a car crash.