The Kitsune is the mysterious fox yokai who cursed Sen Hisakawa into becoming a fox spirit.

Appearance Edit

The Kitsune is a very beautiful spirit that appears as a woman. She has long beautiful straight white hair that almost reaches to her feet and beautiful shiny golden eyes. She has fair skin and a mark that resemblance the half moon along with fox ears that marches her hair.

In her fox form, the Kitsune appears as an ordinary fox to most people. She is a beautiful fox with white fure that sparkles in the moonlight and with golden eyes.

She usually wears a beautiful kimono that is usually purple along with a peal necklace with a diamond and has her hair up in a ponytail.

Personality Edit

The Kitsune is a very mysterious spirit but shows to be protective of her child which is when Sen was hurting him. The Kitsune can also be harsh towards people who wrongs her or her son and can them brutal punishments. However, she does show to give people second chances to redeem themselves. The Kitsune may also be a strong believer in love. Which is why she chose love to break her curse. One of her strongest characteristic traits is her motherly love towards her son.

History Edit

The Kitsune'a past is unknown but she must for lived for many centuries. However, when she heard that her son was in trouble, she came to his aid. When she saw that her child was being hurt by a human girl named Sen Hisawaka. The Kitsune then revealed herself, she cursed Sen by turning the latter into a fox spirit.

Relationships Edit

Unnamed Son Edit

The unnamed son of the Kitsune whom she loves very much. She is very protective of him.

Sen Hisakawa Edit

Sen is one of the victims that the Kitsune crused. The two meet after the human girl was bullying her baby.

Abilitiesa Edit

As a yokai, the Kitsune shows be very powerful.

Trivia Edit

  • She and and ther son are the only characters in series that are nameless. Not counting Sen's parents as they're known as Lord and Lady Hisakawa.
  • According to Carla, there was a story that told of a kitsune being the most powerful demon in the Demon World. This could mean that The Kitsune is the must powerful demon in the entire series.