The Mori Family is a human family. They are also a family of demon hunters.

History Edit

The Mori family have been demon hunters for 200 years. Although, they were powerful, they chose to live a life as mere commoners instead of a life as nobility.

Known members Edit

Nobuo Mori Edit

Nobuo was possible the Head of the Mori household. He was the father of Ken and the uncle of Taiki and Hana.

Ken Mori Edit

Ken is a demon hunter. He is the son of Nobuo and the cousin of Taiki and Hana.

Taiki Mori Edit

Taiki is a demon. He is the older brother of Hana, the nephew of Nobuo, and the cousin of Ken.

Hana Mori Edit

Hana is the youngest member of the Mori Family. She is the younger sister of Taiki, the niece of Nobuo, and the cousin of Ken.

Trivia Edit

  • Ken, Taiki, and Hana are the only members alive in the Mori family.
  • Hana is currently the only known female member.
  • They appearaed be close to the Komori family.